VMC Members


Chairman 1

Sri. M.Vijaya Kumar, IRSME                Chief Workshop Manager, CRS Tirupati   


Chairman's nominee 2


Works Manager, CRS Tirupati


Members(a) Eminent educationists 3 Prof.TS.Natarajan,Dept. of Physics,IIT,Tirupati
(b) Eminent Educationists 4

Prof.T.Kumarswamy,Principal IASE, SV University, Tirupati


An Eminent person of the area known for the outstanding work in field of culture. 5

Prof. Dr. K.Saraswati Vasudev

HOD, Dept. of Music, SriPadmavati MahilaUniversity, Tirupati

Two parents of he children studying in the kv to be Nominated by the Chairman, VMC on the recommendation of the principal, one of whom should be a lady. The team of these members will be one year. 6

Mrs. S. Ajamathunisa

House Wife

 Parent of  

1. A. Hibah Maariyah , Cl: VII

2. A. Muhammad Zaid, Cl.: V  


Mr.  P. Padmanabha Prasad,

Office Supdt, Railway Hospital, CRS     Parent of

1. P. Likitha, Cl: VII

2. P. Krishna Chaitanya Cl: VI

An Eminent Medical Doctor of the Area 8

Dr. G. Nagaraj Yadav

ADMO,Rly. Hospital,CRS,Tirupati

Teacher Member 9

 Smt. B. Lathamma, TGT(LIB)    

 KV2 CRS, Tirupati.

Class I Officer belongs to SC/ST Category in the area 10

Prof.G.Savaraiah, Dept. Economics,SV University, Tirupati.


Member Secretary 11 Sri. B Vijaya Varma, Principal, KV No.2 CRS Tirupati
Co-opted Member 12


Sri G Srinivasulu,                  Divisional Electrical Engineer,       CRS, Tirupati


C.G.E.W.C.C Member 13


Construction Wing-Member 14 G.PadmaRao, EE,CPWD,Tirupati